As an artist and technologist, I find it hard to draw the line of where one begins and the other ends. Within each of us is a creative being and oftentimes we are denied this realization. As a creative, I did not foresee myself working in the corporate environment. Yet, here I am – employed as a UX Architect at Microsoft. And whether asked or not, I cannot resist the temptation to bring creativity to bear on certain aspects of technology – the way we interact with computers and software, how we go about building user experiences, and ultimately, how our products contribute to users in meaningful ways. I love the craft, visual beauty, simplicity and artisanship that comes with building something new.

I believe that corporations need the power and insights of creative individuals in order to weave soul and humanness into form and matter. And in this way, there exists a natural tension. For, corporations spend enormous amounts of energy in creating systems and processes so that each one of us continues to operate as a cog in the big mechanical wheel. The natural instinct of the creative soul is to resist this movement, to resist the attempt to place one in a specific mold, and to instead, break through and question, and nurture the creative process, reveling in the possibilities of what one can do with technology. There is meaningful dialog to be had between the machine and the soul.

I consider myself a polymath and lifelong student. I explore ideas and emotion through my video art and printmaking. I have a background in Mathematics and Computer Science. I believe in the intangible contributions of Nature to the soul and it serves as the source of my inspiration.

This site represents my creative work. You can learn more of my professional technology profile on LinkedIn.

All expressed opinions here are entirely mine and personal.